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Wiedenest is a Christian ministry centre within the German Brethren movement, which also serves churches of other denominations. The scope of service includes the following departments:

Theological Education

Training of about 150 young people for ministry in church contexts and world mission.

World Mission

Service and support for about 130 missionaries in eighteen countries. The missionaries serve in church planting, teaching, counselling and literature ministries. They also work in child and youth ministries, as medical doctors, nurses, aministrators etc.

Youth and Church Ministries

Various ministries in German congregations (children, youths, teenagers, women, men, counselling) and on-site training, including conferences, seminars and retreats.


Founded in 1905 in Berlin as a Bible College for home and foreign missions, the College was expanded and moved to Bergneustadt-Wiedenest, near Cologne, in 1919. The mission centre was founded in 1952. Since the sixties child and youth ministries were added as new branches of the work. On the occasion of the opening of a new training and conference centre in 1999, the latter ministries together with other services were combined to form the department of "Youth and Church Ministries".



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