sing HOPE. radiate LIFE. sculpt COMMUNITY.

Arts connect, change and create movement.

This is our vision this is what we love to do: Spreading Hope and Life through creativity.
Fostering „CROSS“-cultural encounter with arts.
Empowering churches to relate with their cities in contemporary ways.

This is how we do it: We use artistic and social communitybuilding tools as well as culinary approaches. We create temporary opportunities to share creativity, good food and the gospel and invite people into collective processes. We train and equip in arts, contextualization and transformation.

We aim to offer alternative ways to experience God and community and help churches relate with the culture of their cities. We connect creatives and encourage change in urban spaces though the arts. We dream of a creative movement and a revival of Arts &Hope in cities across Europe, Asia & Africa.

The arts, it has been said, cannot change the world, but they may change human beings who might change the world.

Maxine Greene



Sude Hope

Role: Art Nomad & Pioneer, Creative Messenger, Bridgebuilder

briefly: Livegivingfragrancediffuser ;)

Expertise: Intermedial Artist, Change Agent, B.A. Arts in Social Transformation, Communitybuilder, Art Coach

to build cross cultural bridges, to connect churches with their cities, to inspire and share stories in contemporary and unusual ways, to connect and encourage creatives, and most of all to radiate and spread news about the greatest creator ever ;)



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